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Ah, college. The moment in everyone's life when "me" time really means "me and the other human I share a smol bedroom with" time. Personal space just is not a thing when you're practically living on top of another person with IKEA furniture your parent's bought. And while there are benefits of living with someone in such tight quarters (read: swapping closets, always someone around to tighten your bra straps, borrowing toothpaste, etc.), everyone-and I mean everyone-craves a lil bit of privacy.
Quiet, discreet, and still oh-so powerful vibrators that deliver high-key satisfaction, while not sounding like you're drillin 'a hole in the wall. Obviously the ones we hand-selected are also super affordable since you're probs on a I-eat-only-ramen-noodles budget (feel for you) too. So shop the products below because, let's face it, you need these to get through the stress of statistics, anyway.
With three different speeds to choose from, this lil guy packs a vibrating punch without you worrying about people in the hallway snickering at the chainsaw-like buzzing coming from your room. Plus, if you want to graduate to less discreet sex toys, you can fit this bullet into a ring or dildo.